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Jasper, #Indiana 
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Ballerina on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Jeanne Melchior had her daughter #dye her #hair blue on her birthday last week. “I turned 70 and thought: I can do anything I want!”. 

#Jasper, #Indiana 
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It has been a slow week of reruns, so this happened. 
I cut my bangs and then took a selfie.

Everyone needs to follow my sister’s brilliant project of illustrated Facebook statuses. It’s called “What’s On Your Mind?”




what light from satellites—
snowy footsteps—sprites
chalk hopscotch in heaven.
boiled clean, burnt hands,
churn the Earth beneath.

Eric Ellis and I are beginning our first collaborative, experimental #project: Liminal. This is a way for us to approach our desire to #collaborate within our respective disciplines while being in physically different spaces. On Fridays I will take photographs from the point of view of looking upward with my phone camara, and he will write a flash #poem to go along with it within a 2-hour time limit. Alternately, he’ll send me a poem on Tuesdays and I’ll have the same time limit to compose a matching #photograph. Both parts must be created within the time limit. This should be a fun challenge! Follow along at #LiminalProject. Here’s the first one:

1 / 32

Rooftop apex, shingled out, down.
No sun—no sky.
I, hunched over, peeking at gravity
from the highest point.
Posed at the edge, I, black bird,
eyes diving for mice.
No sand—concrete only.
Fingers curled at the edge,
white like talons. Ready to press.
I’m ready to swim. To taste gray
earth, which rocks me like the sea.

#collaboration #poetry #flashpoetry #photography #vsco

yeah, adara effing sánchez dude, its friday, enjoy, lalalala